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What my clients say

Coffee on Desk

Courtney M.

I took something very valuable from each of our meetings. Sharanya was truly passionate about helping me find what I love and taking the necessary steps to transition my life. I learned so much about myself through our discussions and the exercises she gave me. After gaining a deep understanding of my values, interests, skills, limiting beliefs, and personality, we were able to map out the perfect career for me. Now I am very confident about the direction I'm heading and I apply what I learned from Sharanya when I need to make difficult decisions. For anyone who feels unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or confused about their career choices, I highly recommend reaching out to Sharanya. I can't express how valuable the experience was for me.

Swati M.

Sharanya Rao is an excellent coach! I am so thankful that she coached me.Sharanya listened patiently to each and everything I had to say. Being a special needs mom, stress is the biggest factor that plays role in my day to day life, and I am so impressed with the work that Sharanya put in to help me. My life has meaning now, I even have a goal to work towards which didn't exist before meeting Sharanya. She has completely changed my life, I would recommend anyone skeptical to try life/career coaching to please consider Sharanya. You cannot get better than her. She will go above and beyond to help you. She has life examples to give which are very helpful. She also does phone sessions or video sessions if you cannot go to her, which made my coaching so much more easier. I will forever be grateful to you Sharanya. Keep changing lives.

Ashley Kim

Sharanya is an adaptable, open, and passionate career coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in navigating their career!

Sharanya is skilled at creating a foundation of trust that allowed me to feel comfortable to work with her openly and honestly. Sharanya got to know me and my goals, and incorporated that into our ways of working together. Through a variety of exercises, frameworks and homework assignments, I was able to totally transform my approach to my career. After working with Sharanya, I have several new tools that I can use to set goals, navigate my career and define my leadership vision, and I have a new sense of energy and confidence because of that.

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