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Welcome to Global Coaching Works, LLC, where transformation begins. I’m Sharanya Rao, Founder, CEO & a seasoned coach who is your partner for every step and stage of your professional journey. I offer a suite of coaching services designed to ignite the potential within individuals and teams, fostering dynamic leadership, cohesive teamwork, and inclusive workplaces.


My services are tailored to support you whether you're an individual seeking career development, a leader wanting to hone your skills, or a team striving for greater synergy through navigating change.


Unlock your full potential and drive lasting results through neuroscience-backed coaching methods, personalized leadership coaching, and comprehensive team development programs with a focus on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, effective communication, and strategic thinking. 


Transform your workplace culture, elevate your leadership, and unleash the power of your team with Global Coaching Works. Let's embark on this journey together.



Ready to elevate your performance? 

"Sharanya was a fantastic coach for me. I came to her while I was considering a career change, and she helped me clarify what I was looking for, and gave me the motivation to pursue it when I was doubting myself. I'm grateful for her compassion and wisdom, and for giving me so much to thin about both personally and professionally.

I strongly recommend her for anyone needing some consultation with career decisions, or for working through blockers that get in your way in everyday life."

-Andrew Byala

Sharanya was my career coach through Coaching 4 Good. When I came to her, I knew I had not found the right fit yet in my career, so she helped me with career exploration.

I took something very valuable from each of our meetings. Sharanya was truly passionate about helping me find what I love and taking the necessary steps to transition my life. I learned so much about myself through our discussions and the exercises she gave me. After gaining a deep understanding of my values, interests, skills, limiting beliefs, and personality, we were able to map out the perfect career for me.

Now I am very confident about the direction I'm heading and I apply what I learned from Sharanya when I need to make difficult decisions. For anyone who feels unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or confused about their career choices, I highly recommend reaching out to Sharanya. I can't express how valuable the experience was for me.

- Sarah N. McClung

Sharanya is a dynamic coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their professional or personal life. Sharanya uses various approaches and tools that help you identify the unique set of values, motivators, and enablers that ignite your passion and increase your self-awareness.

Throughout our coaching engagement, I found that I was showing up differently as a leader and I was able to operationalize many of the tools and methods from our coaching sessions with my team. Since wrapping up our coaching engagement I am able to better define success for myself and I feel more grounded to my core values.

If you are looking for a coach to elevate and re-energize your career, look no further than Sharanya!

- Amy Carter


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