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Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month

I’m excited to spend time this month celebrating and supporting women who run their own business. Here are a few important stats about women in small business:

  • Women own 42% of businesses in the United States.

  • Women-owned businesses generate $1.9 trillion annually.

  • Women of color account for 50% of female business owners.

With these numbers in mind, I think it’s important to focus on the successes, progresses, and opportunities of women in the field, as well as support women-led local businesses around us! In 2013, when I became a coach, I walked into the business of coaching with a dream of bringing about positive transformation in people. I had little understanding of what it took to run a business, but fueled by my passion for coaching, I figured things out on the fly. Besides the steep learning curve, it was tough to balance work with an infant and a toddler. In spite of all the struggles, I was able to deal with the challenges of building a business because I was really anchored to my “WHY” - coaching was (and continues to be) my calling and I had to make it happen. I am passionate about helping women become more effective leaders in their field, especially women of color. I know from experience that our own limiting beliefs are what end up holding us back.

My goal is to help women unpack their limiting beliefs so that they can get out of their own way. and allow their authentic self to show up.

Working with many different clients has shown me how important it is to nurture your creative side and to get clear on what you’re passionate about. These are the building blocks that will allow us to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Just before the pandemic hit us, I had worked with a client who was transitioning to a career in coaching after a 30-year career in higher education. When the pandemic hit, my client became despondent and afraid to start her business. She tried to come up with reasons on why it wouldn’t be a good idea to start now, and tried to convince herself that she was not ready. Her inner critic was loud. I looked at her squarely in the eye, and said, “The world needs your gifts - now more than ever. What’s one step you can take towards your goal?” She decided to register her business, and get marketing help. Fast forward 18 months later, she is now a thriving Diversity & Inclusion Coach doing what she absolutely loves, using her insights and strengths to support her community. Helping women become powerful, confident leaders is what I’m passionate about. Are you unsure of where to get started on the next steps of your career? Are you struggling with the decision of staying at your job or doing something new? Are you starting your own small business and need clarity on where to go? Set up a free consultation with me today. The world needs your gifts, now more than ever.


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